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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Did Karl Rove create the documents?

The secretary for Bush's squadron commander in the Texas Guard told The NY Times that the information in the disputed memos is correct - it's just the memos that seem fake. "It looks like someone may have read the originals and put that together,'' said Marian Carr Knox. She told Dan Rather that her boss, Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, kept a "cover-your-back file" about Bush because of Bush's political connections. She said the contents of that file mirrored the CBS documents, but that those documents were on the wrong forms and contained Army terms rather than Air National Guard language. She confirmed that young Bush had disobeyed a direct order from Colonel Killian to take a physical, which was "a big no-no,'' and that Bush's above-the-rules attitude caused resentment among fellow officers.

Karl Rove, incidentally, was accused of bugging his own office to distract from a debate when he was Bill Clements' campaign strategist in a 1986 governor's race in Texas, according to the authors of "Bush's Brain.'' They said the incident turned the election because after that, the Democratic candidate couldn't get any attention.


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