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Saturday, October 09, 2004

David Brooks' nightmare

Is it just us, or do all right-wingers sound like delusional paranoics? Despite the findings of the Duelfer Report, which concluded that Saddam Hussein merely dreamed of having weapons of mass destruction, NY Times columnist David Brooks still believes Hussein was "THE menace" (emphasis ours) whose dreams would have come true if we hadn't killed 10,000 Iraqis and let them kill more than 1,070 Americans (not to mention the thousands who have been injured and maimed by this unnecessary and futile war).

"We can argue about what would have been the best way to depose Saddam, but this report makes it crystal clear that this insatiable tyrant needed to be deposed. He was the menace, and, as the world dithered, he was winning his struggle. He was on the verge of greatness. We would all now be living in his nightmare."



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