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Friday, October 22, 2004

Rebuttal: Mothers with jobs work harder

Sandy Ridlington had this to say in response to our blog of October 21, "Heinz Kerry blows it":

"Surely Heinz Kerry was making the point that because Laura Bush doesn't have a 'real job' (and about this, Heinz Kerry admits she was wrong), she is somewhat isolated from the 'real' world--the things faced by people who have to leave the house every day for work. No matter how hard a mother works at being a mother, she's generally protected in a way that a working woman isn't.

"Surely, in these conversations, it's understood that parenting is hard work. But for millions of people in this country, they have to be parents and face the demands of a work force. It could be that some feminists try to marginalize women who stay at home. But at the same time, women who have to do everything don't get much credit, either."

Our response to Ms. Ridlington:

"Thanks for your feedback. We knew we were treading on thin ice with that topic--especially since we agreed with a Republican (a half-assed attempt at being 'fair and balanced'). Of course you're right that women who have kids AND work outside the home are more stressed. Our point was directed toward those who believe that stay-home moms 'don't work.' But we didn't mean to imply that stay-home moms work harder than moms who have outside jobs, and we apologize if we came off sounding that way."


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