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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Good questions, and good catch

In response to our entry about rigged voting machines, Colleen Spedale wrote: "I'm hearing some other things about this--and it certainly seems feasible to me that the vote was again stolen. But I wonder, if anyone can actually prove this, would Bush then step down? Would his presidency be declared invalid (which, of course, it's been for a long while)?"

We replied that Bush would never step down voluntarily, but discovery of election law violations might result in jail time for Diebold personnel, Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, or Bush strategist Karl Rove.

And in response to our entry, "The Coalition of the Unwilling Expands," Spedale wrote: "I'd be delighted to see other countries wise up and withdraw and leave us holding the bag. I caught 'Uncovered' the other night and, while much of it is incredibly dry, they do play clip after clip of Bush, Rumsfeld and Co., saying the war and reconstruction would be paid for entirely with oil revenues...which in itself isn't really a great thing, but I see us paying for this for many years to come. Maybe this is what the country needs (Bush for another 4 years) for the whole house of cards to come down. Hope we can get out of the way quickly enough..."

She also spotted an error: "...you might want to recheck Singapore's troop numbers...are they increasing or decreasing?" Good catch, Ms. Spedale--they're decreasing. And we hereby name you an honorary Editor at Large (with all the rights, privileges, and honors thereto appertaining, of course)...


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