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Friday, November 19, 2004

No, Mr. Kerry, it wasn't the bin Laden tape

According to FoxNews.com, John Kerry believes he lost to President Bush because of the video from Usama bin Laden (allegedly) that surfaced just days before the Nov. 2 presidential election.

Kerry supposedly told FOX News' senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera that he believes he lost because the tape may have scared Americans.

Rivera said he spoke to Kerry yesterday as the senator was waiting in a holding room prior to the processional leading up to the formal opening of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark.

"Tough luck, senator," Rivera said to Kerry, referring to the Democrat's election loss.

Rivera said Kerry responded by saying, "It was that Usama tape - it scared them." Rivera said Kerry said the tape came out too late for the Democratic campaign to counteract before the election.

No, no, no, Mr. Kerry - it wasn't the tape. If anything, the tape should have IMPROVED your chances of winning because it reminded everyone that bin Laden was still alive (if it was him on the tape) and underlined what a disaster Bush's "war on terra" has been. No, it wasn't bin Laden, it was the ELECTION that cost you the election - the hijacking, by Republicans, of Democrats' votes. And if you're looking for something to spend your leftover campaign cash on, that would be a great place to start...



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