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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Interesting development in Ohio

We've never heard of this particular legal tactic, but with a little luck and maybe some harmonic convergence, it could work.

Based on new evidence that election fraud has indeed occurred in Ohio, John Bonifaz, General Counsel for the National Voting Rights Institute, is reportedly filing a complaint with the Ohio State Supreme Court requesting that John Kerry be declared the winner.

According to Katherine Yurica (www.axisoflogic.com), injunctive relief will likely be sought and the case will be heard in a Court of Equity. "This legal maneuver is brilliant," Yurica says, "because when the courts decide a case in equity, they wear a different hat than they do in courts of law." The legal term "equity" denotes the "spirit and the habit of fairness, justness, and right dealing" that should regulate humans' dealings with others. Thus, a Court of Equity is a moral court that lays down moral justness.

As Yurica points out, this could be very interesting because we could end up watching a court case based on moral grounds—and Republicans, who pride themselves on their "morality," will be facing a higher morality than their own. Says Yurica: "One side will be asking the court to be fair to all citizens—the other side will be forced to argue the court should not be fair and just."



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