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Monday, December 06, 2004

Senators: Investigate election

It's about time. Senator Barbara Boxer announced on the Senate floor this morning that she and a coalition of nine other senators have found "reasonable suspicion," the legal grounds sufficient to call for investigation of the 2004 presidential election.

This is even cooler: Senator Boxer also said, "...after reviewing the mountains of evidence provided by computer scientists, statisticians, poll watchers, and a compendium of over 100,000 complaints by ordinary citizens, I and other concerned senators find it imperative, as guardians of a democracy admired around the world, to lead by example and prove that our system is above reproach. In the spirit of this great land, let it be known that on this day a full investigation will begin forthwith, and as the letter of the law of our United States instructs us, the confirmation of the pending presidency must await the outcome of this investigation."

Did you catch that last line? "The pending presidency must await the outcome..." Meaning that Bush's inauguration may not happen on January 20 after all. Or ever, if fraud is proven.

The critical mass is building...



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