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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Clever cartoon compromised by write-o

A cartoon in today's The Daily Barometer shows a man, presumably a naïve college student, flying horizontally alongside a "Skittlz" truck, with his tongue stuck to the image of a rainbow on the side of the truck. The image and its execution are humorous enough but they are unfortunately compromised by a write-o (a handwritten typo) in the caption. The caption reads:

"Bob realized it wasn't such a good idea to taste the rainbow in sub-degree temperatures."

We think the cartoonist meant "sub-freezing," but perhaps he or she was preoccupied with which degree to pursue and Freud slipped through the crack...



Blogger Bri Guy said...

Thanks for reading my cartoon. I'd fire my proofreader but he's stuck to a skittlz truck. If you want check out some more toons or find a few mistakes, go to www.bptoons.com

12:32 PM  

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