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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

We're not as free as we think

For the first time, the United States is missing from an annual ranking of the world's 10 freest economies.

The Index of Economic Freedom, published since 1995 by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, finds that the U.S. economy is faltering while other countries are prospering. The index analyzes 50 economic variables in 10 categories, including property rights, banking/finance, monetary policy, and fiscal burden of government (the U.S.'s biggest downfall).

The top 10: Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ireland, New Zealand, U.K., Denmark, Iceland and Australia (tied for ninth), and Chile. The U.S. tied for 12th with Switzerland. Russia came in 124th.

(Thanks to Eric Dickey for the scoop.)



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