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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Funniest reply yet

In response to our entry of earlier today, "Leave my typos alone," Andrew Boyd wrote,

"ok, ya bum, i fixed it : "The story of Rachel Normandy, whose solider-son Ryan was severely injured in Iraq last year..."

"just so you know, i deliberately put those typos in there knowing that i needed to trip-wire the 37% typo-density threshold in order for you to alert your readers to the existence of our "otherwise very worthy" blog

"so, thanks for playing along with stage one in my master plan for total blogosphere domination bwah-ha-ha-hah...

"now let's step outside and settle this like real geeks..."

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, one of the typos remains intact - and one nontypo was "fixed." But the unnecessary fix works, too.

Thanks, Mr. Boyd, for having a sense of humor - and sharing it. Now, if you were serious about stepping outside, can you wait while we sharpen our red pencil?


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