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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Readers write

A couple of different viewpoints, presented without comment because they speak for themselves.

1. In response to our blog entry, "Bush's response to Katrina" (8-31-05):

"A friend of mine speaks of Bush's 'stunned monkey look.' I don't know if it originated with him, but it sure is apt. I wonder why GW trots out his dad and Bill Clinton when these things come up, to raise money. I guess his motto is 'no new taxes,' although that sure doesn't also mean no new spending. Even at $50 billion, Katrina is cheap compared to Iraq. But Iraq is just funny money--added to what we all owe. Imagine how popular that war would be if Bush increased taxes specifically to cover its cost!"

2. In response to "The Bush family's sensitivity: like mother, like son" (9-6-05):

"If she really said that and you didn't take it out of context she probably is right. Even if you you [sic] made it up it would be true. Many of these people were dependent on the liberal handouts, making them dependent on government and not encouraging them to better themselves. What we are seeing is the flow of government-depended [sic] people that have no idea how to care for themselves. They can thank their liberal Democratic mayor and Gov."


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