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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oregon Powerball winners get greedy

Apparently it isn't enough that Steve and Carolyn West and her parents won $345 million. Their publicist asked "Good Morning America" to give them and three of the Wests' children first-class airline tickets to New York City, four rooms at the Waldorf, a meal allowance for the entire four-day stay, "Saturday Night Live" tickets, "Lion King" tickets, a guided tour of New York City, and a limo to take them around during their entire stay.

They didn't get it all. A spokesman for ABC News said, "The facts are: we [flew] the Wests and their kids commercial to NYC. We are putting them up at the Millennium Hotel in Times Square...We told the family we don't buy Broadway tickets for our guests or provide car service around New York except when we are moving them from one ABC location to another. Nevertheless, we are working all our contacts at NBC in an effort to get them 'Saturday Night Live' tickets, but so far NBC isn't returning our calls. Go figure."

Go figure, indeed.



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