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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The s**t is hitting the fan

This happened live, on C-Span, just a few minutes ago. Sen. Harry Reid (D) used a procedural maneuver to close the Senate and demand a response on the delayed/stalled intelligence committee report on the lead-up to the war. Prior to doing so, he read a statement that basically called Cheney a liar, in so many words, and said that the administration is stonewalling any examination of the facts surrounding the leadup to the war.

The Democrats then said they'd invoke a closed Senate clause every day until they receive a positive response from the intelligence committee.
They caught the Republicans completely by surprise. Democrats have been in the hallway of the Senate giving press releases. Republicans have been trying to act like it's only dirty pool partisanship, but are visibly shaken up and lacking a coherent response.
The Senate is now back open. Frist fumbled a lead-in. The Republican head of the intelligence committee gave a rambling response and offered a hurry-up plan to produce the report. Jay Rockefeller (D) called major bu**sh** on the Republican response.
The press corps that was on this was also caught by surprise and looked like a bunch of interns. Fox had a hack there, but the Democrats handled her pretty well.
This is big stuff. The manure is starting to hit the fan, methinks (mehopes). (Doug Van Pelt)


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