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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gift idea for the person who has everything: a laser pointer

Remember the big scare about "terrorists" using powerful laser pointers to blind pilots? Well, now you can get one of those laser pointers for yourself - or someone very special on your holiday shopping list.

Bigha, an Oregon company best known for its high-end recumbent bicycles, is promoting the "Jasper Curve," a computer-controlled laser pointer with a range of up to 30,000 feet. They say it's "the most powerful legal laser pointer in the world."

Okay, we have a few questions for Bigha:

1. Why is a bike company selling laser pointers? Are there that many bicyclists who need to point at things while riding?

2. Why would anyone need a laser pointer that shoots a beam 30,000 feet? Are classrooms and auditoriums getting that big?

3. You say your laser pointer is "legal"; are there illegal ones? How far do they shoot - 5.68 miles? Oh wait, that is 30,000 feet!

4. If a laser beam is supposedly a highly focused, straight beam of light, why do you call it "Jasper Curve"?

5. Does it vibrate at all?

Well, maybe none of that matters. According to Bigha, the Jasper Curve is such a cool tool that Popular Science calls it a "must-have gadget for the holiday season!"


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