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Monday, February 06, 2006

Bill O'Reilly is flattered by The Colbert Report

When asked whether he sees himself in Stephen Colbert, O'Reilly said, "Yeah, sure. The formula of his program is, they watch the 'Factor' and they seize upon certain themes that work for him. He ought to be sending me a check every week, 'cause we're basically the research for his writers. I feel it's a compliment."

Why is O'Reilly flattered? Doesn't he get that Colbert is parodying him - and doing it in a decidely uncomplimentary fashion?

Either O'Reilly is too dense to know when he's being lampooned, or he knows he is self-parody and believes Colbert is simply imitating him.

Either way, we find it interesting that he calls his show the "Factor" - as in "fact...or fiction?"



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