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Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Hillary can win

Some people think that just because Obama has insurmountable leads in delegates, superdelegates, and the popular vote, it's all over for Hillary. Not so, says Gail Collins of the NY Times. Here's how Hillary could still get the nomination:

1) A big, big win in Kentucky next Tuesday. Ideally, Obama should be limited to no more than 100 votes.

2) Oregon, scheduled for the same day, inexplicably breaks off and sinks into the Pacific Ocean.

3) Puerto Rico, clocking in on June 1, not only gives Clinton a huge majority, but also manages to become a state in advance of the vote.

4) Finally, on June 3 as the South Dakota polls open, Thomas Jefferson’s head on Mount Rushmore comes to life and starts shouting, “You go, girl.”

Mocking Hillary's new "work ethic" campaign theme, Collins wonders: "If, as is projected, Hillary wins Kentucky and loses Oregon next week, are we supposed to think that it’s because people in Portland don’t work as hard as people in Louisville? Oregonians do have a reputation for being kind of laid back, but they do not put billboards on the highway saying, 'Welcome to the State that Likes a Good Nap.'"

A good nap - one that lasts until June 4 - sounds pretty tempting right about now.



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