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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama effigy found hanging at private Oregon university

A custodial crew at George Fox University - a Christian university in Newberg, Oregon - found a life-size cardboard cutout of Barack Obama hanging from a tree Tuesday morning.

University President Robin Baker urged students to show that the incident has no place in Christian ideals. "We absolutely cannot hate those around us and say we love God," he said Wednesday. "It is not possible. Yesterday was not a good example of what it means to follow Jesus."

But as a commenter responding to the story in The Oregonian noted:
Is this really surprising? George Fox is proudly intolerant, asking its students, faculty, and staff to take a loyalty oath proclaiming their opposition to homosexuality. You can't welcome intolerant people to your campus and then expect to them to be tolerant in every *other* aspect of their lives. Play with fire, and get burned. Stock your campus with intolerant people, and--surprise!--they will act intolerant. (DaveJ2007)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

perfect example of the baby coming home to roost

1:57 PM  

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