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Friday, September 17, 2004

"Name the October Surprise" contest

Mark Green invites submissions to a "Name the October Surprise" contest, describing what rabbit you think Bush will pull out of his hat to trick us into voting for him. Your surprise must be described in 100 words or less and there is only one entry per person. On Wednesday, September 30th, Greeen will announce preliminary results (several of the most interesting submissions as well as the volume of similar submissions per surprise) and then on Sunday, October 30, he'll announce the "winners" based on the submission(s) that predicted what actually happened. Winners will appear live on Air America radio and will receive a signed copy of "The Book on Bush" and cool Air America gear. To enter, go to http://www.nametheoctobersurprise.com/

Here's our entry:

The one event that would virtually assure Bush of stealing--er, we mean winning--the election is for Bush to claim that bin Laden has been captured or killed. Since capturing bin Laden would require video footage to be shown publicly as proof, it would be safer to claim that bin Laden had been killed--preferably by a bomb, so that his "remains" were unrecognizable except through faked forensic analysis (e.g., dental records, DNA testing).


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