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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Preying on those who pray?

From today's NY Times:
"The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson filed for bankruptcy on Monday, becoming the second United States diocese to seek court protection because of the cost of clerical sexual abuse cases. The diocese settled 11 abuse lawsuits filed by 16 plaintiffs for more than $10 million two years ago. By the latest count, 22 additional molesting claims with 34 plaintiffs have been brought against the diocese. [And this is just one diocese, in one city, in one state, in one country.] The Portland Archdiocese in Oregon became the first American diocese to file for bankruptcy, on July 6. Plaintiffs' advocates saw the filing as an effort to deflect responsibility. The church 'is using this bankruptcy as a public relations tool to make the victims appear to be the predators of the diocese,' a plaintiffs' lawyer, Lynne Cadigan, said."

If that's the case, then the prey doesn't have a prayer.



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