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Friday, September 24, 2004

Who is Ayad Allawi?

You know, Iraq's new Prime Minister, who said yesterday in the Rose Garden that January's elections will be on, come hell or hell?

"Allawi, a secular Shiite from a wealthy merchant family, was a spy and -- maybe! -- assassin for Saddam Hussein. As a high-ranking officer in the dreaded Mukharabat, the Ba'athist secret police, he was Saddam's friend, colleague and eventual rival. His Baghdad medical degree is said to be phony; the Ba'ath Party gave it to him so he could travel Europe on a World Health Organization grant and infiltrate Arab student groups."

There's more...a lot more. And none of it is good. Read all about it: http://kenlayne.com/2004/09/meet-ayad-allawi.html


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