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Monday, October 04, 2004

Borowitz ups the ante

Is Andy Borowitz testing us, mocking us, or just being human? In today's Borowitz Report we found not one, not two, but three typos. See if you can spot them:

1. "Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry kept President Bush on the defensive today, telling a Pittsburgh audience that Mr. Bush had allowed the long-dormant volcano Mount St. Helens to erupt on his watch, adiing that he would 'fix Mount St. Helens once and for all' if elected in November."

2. and 3. "After accusing Mr. Bush of being 'in denial' about 'the molten magama stewing inside that scary sucker,' Mr. Bush fired back, saying that it would be 'sending the wrong message' to say that Mr. St. Helens was erupting."



Blogger Polly said...

Do you know The Borowitz Report?

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