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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Sinclair has got to be kidding

Have you heard what Sinclair Broadcasting says is the premise of "Stolen Honor," the anti-Kerry crockumentary they're planning to air before the election? Here it is:

"Stolen Honor" features 17 former prisoners of war who say that John Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony about atrocities in Vietnam had the effect of extending their captivity.

Did you get that? Seventeen former POWs THEORIZE that Kerry's TRUTHFUL testimony about actual ATROCITIES committed by U.S. soldiers in Vietnam (that other illegal, unnecessary war) inspired their captors to hold them longer than they would have if Kerry had just kept his big mouth shut. Even if this preposterous theory were provable--which it isn't--how can anyone possibly take seriously the inference that what John Kerry did was wrong?

Oh, and then there's Sinclair's disingenuous offer to Kerry of "equal time"--an opportunity to be interviewd by Sinclair's attack dogs in a "balanced and honest program" (hmmm...sounds vaguely familiar), according to Sinclair V.P. Mark Hyman. We're with Kerry spokesman Chad Clanton on that one: "Why would you take an offer like that seriously from a group with such a fierce partisan political agenda? Walk into some big setup job? 'Hello, I'd love to come on your program and get sandbagged.'"



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