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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Will this be the "October Surprise"?

The name Abu Musab Zarqawi has been in the news a lot lately, most recently as the leader of an ambush that left 49 U.S.-trained Iraqi soldiers dead. In fact, the U.S. blames Zarqawi for many of the deadliest attacks in Iraq and has offered a $25 million reward for his capture or death. He's the new Osama bin Laden.

It gets even more interesting. Today's Washington Post says our military has been striking Fallujah, where they think Zarqawi and his operatives are based, almost every night for the past several weeks. The Post says a major offensive is expected in Fallujah, "possibly after the U.S. presidential election," and that most of Fallujah's residents have fled in anticipation.

We predict the "major offensive" will happen not after but before the election, and the Bush administration will announce that Zarqawi has been "captured" or "killed." And voila! Bush gets another four years.

Maybe we should all flee in anticipation...



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