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Friday, November 05, 2004


A lot of people are examining the election outcomes in Ohio and Florida, and they are discovering some potentially damning glitches. For example, in the Gahanna 1-B precinct of Franklin County, Ohio, only 638 total votes were cast but Bush somehow received 4,258. And that's just one tiny little precinct in one of Ohio's 80 counties. Whether this is just a typo, a tally error, or the result of outrageous fraud, if it turns out not to be an isolated instance, Kerry may wind up retracting his concession.

That's right--"conceding" is a political concept, not a legal one. If by some miracle the tallies in Ohio or Florida ultimately turn out in Kerry's favor, we've got ourselves a new president.

It's a long shot, but we're crossing our fingers anyway.



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