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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bush slaps Canada's face

During Bush's visit to Canada yesterday, a Canadian reporter asked him why public opinion polls showed the two countries drifting apart, and whether he bore any responsibility. Bush's response: "You know, I haven't seen the polls you look at, and we just had a poll in our country where people decided that the foreign policy of the Bush administration ought to be - stay in place for four more years."

So in other words, because 51% of the U.S. supposedly voted for Bush, he thinks that means the entire country approves of his continuing to ignore, belittle, antagonize, and terrorize other countries—including Canada.

Canada, unfortunately, has little incentive to reciprocate: it enjoyed a $70 billion trade surplus with the U.S. last year. (Which also might explain why they were reluctant to indict Bush as a war criminal...)



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