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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Lynne Cheney: lesbian fantasist, cheerleader

Now that she's done campaigning for her husband and defending her lesbian daughter, Mary, against those evil Democrats, Lynne Cheney has gone back to writing. This time, however, it's not lesbian fantasy; it's "history." And she's wielding pom-poms.

In "A Revolutionary Christmas Story," a guest op-ed she wrote for the NY Times, Cheney tells about how George Washington led his "ragtag army" through two difficult battles during the Christmas season. Both times he emerged victorious, and his victories, of course, inspired the patriots. Try not to spew coffee while reading this excerpt:

"Twice in 10 days Washington and his ragtag army had defeated the greatest military power in the world, and their victories lifted the spirits of patriots everywhere. True, the years ahead would be hard - Christmas 1777 would find Washington and his men at Valley Forge. But because of the 10-day campaign that began on Christmas 1776, Americans could now think of winning their war for independence. They could imagine that their great struggle would have a glorious end."

So merry Christmas, everybody (even you nonbelievers), because with our own brave George W. leading us, our great struggle in Iraq will have a glorious end.



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