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Monday, April 11, 2005

See? We did liberate them!

How else can you explain why they are free to march against us?

According to the NY Times, on Saturday tens of thousands of Iraqis marked the second anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein by marching in Baghdad to demand the withdrawal of American forces.

Banners held up during the march called for a rapid trial for Mr. Hussein and the elevation of Islam as the official religion of Iraq. One of the main chants was: "No America, no Saddam! Yes to Islam!"

The marchers also burned large photos of President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"We are asking that the occupier leave our country," said Amer Shihab, an Iraqi college student. "Iraq now has enough competent forces to maintain security by itself."

Now, you tell us: Are those not the words and actions of a liberated people?



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