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Friday, September 16, 2005

Chavez to UN: Bush sucks

Addressing the United Nations yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took President Bush to task for waging war in Iraq without U.N. consent. "There were never weapons of mass destruction but Iraq was bombed," Chavez said, "and over U.N. objections, (it was) occupied and continues being occupied.''

Chavez then recommended that U.N. headquarters be moved out of New York City and to a country that has more regard for the organization. "...we propose to this assembly that the United Nations leave this country, which is not respectful of the very resolutions of this assembly,'' Chavez said.

Bush was not in the audience when Chavez spoke, but he did address the summit's opening session the day before. He had spoken for 20 minutes, even though speakers had been asked to limit their speeches to 5 minutes. When Chavez's speech ran long and a note from the presiding diplomat informed him his time was up, he threw the note on the floor. He said if Bush could speak for 20 minutes, so could he.

When Chavez's speech finally ended, he received the loudest applause of the summit.



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