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Friday, October 14, 2005

Announcing the George W. Bush Crony Correspondence Contest!

What do Harriet Miers and President Bush tell each other in private? What did Bush and Mike Brown talk about to get him appointed to the head of FEMA?

A contest sponsored by Campus Progress (www.campusprogress.org) is asking for your best depiction of an exchange between President Bush and one of his favorite cronies.

The Ground Rules:

1. It has to be an exchange between Bush and one of his actual political cronies. Harriet Miers and Michael Brown have been big in the news, but places like The New Republic have tallied a large list for you to peruse.

2. The exchange can be in any format - send Campus Progress your idea of letters, e-mail exchanges, IM chat sessions...you name it. You can send them a visual interpretation too - Photoshop a memo or create your own version of the most recent Valentine's Day card sent to the President from his favorite horse enthusiast. (Send images in GIF or JPEG formats only.)

3. Exchanges can be as long or as short as you want, and can be a one-way communication or a dialogue between Bush and crony.

For example, this dramatic IM exchange between Bush and Mike Brown:

PrezNitUSA: Brownie!!!!
MyLittleFEMAPony: d00d, the levees all broke, everyone's pissed
PrezNitUSA: Hmmm...u want I come down for a photo-op?
MyLittleFEMAPony: can we have a helicoptor in the background?
PrezNitUSA: sure, not like we need them all right now or anything ;)
MyLittleFEMAPony: LOL, kthxbye
PrezNitUSA: k cu l8r

All submissions must be received by Noon EST on October 26. Submit entries to cpwebmaster@campusprogress.org.

The winner will be judged by equal parts creativity/effort, and overall humor of their submission. Campus Progress is looking for submissions that highlight the nature of political cronyism in America and/or that illustrate the, uh, challenges faced by the Bush Administration in addressing our country's most critical issues, from Iraq to Katrina. You may enter as many times as you wish.

The winner gets a Campus Progress T-shirt, a Campus Progress tote bag, a Vote Foo Fighters '06 bumper sticker, and a lovely set of personalized engraved stationery.

Legal blather:

Employees, consultants, and interns of the Center for American Progress may enter, but are not eligible to win.

By entering the contest you agree to the contest rules, as contained in this announcement. Selection of contest winners is in the sole discretion of Campus Progress. The grand prize winner must consent to Campus Progress publicizing his or her actual name.

Void where prohibited. Void outside of the U.S. 50 states and the District of Columbia. Void in Arizona because their state law on contests is too complicated. Prizes are non-transferable. Not affiliated with Silverado Savings & Loan.



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