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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Readers respond

Colleen Spedale:

"Yeah, I saw an article in the paper today noting the same 'oddity' about how this case has been drug out for 2 years...what a coincidence! I'm fairly sure if it'd come out in October 2004, we might not have that joker in the White House today (and lots of soldiers might be on their way home). But we'll never know because these damn clever neo-cons manipulated everything. I have to give them credit! I'm also fairly sure Bush wants to load the court up with friends who'll see it his way, in case he gets into hot water more directly. Stay tuned.

"It's like Bush is throwing out toys to an excited puppy...'here, go
chase after this toy now!' and the press (and everyone else) chases after the newest distraction (Alito). But I think the Libby case has, as they say, 'legs.'"

Sandy Ridlington:

"I most fervently believe that Bush was brought up with no compassion. Most conservatives are, I think, but if you read some of the stuff his mother says, you can see one of the reasons he is the person he is.

"As to the Libby thing, did you notice that the NY Times completely dropped the Libby indictment from its front page the morning it covered Alito? Well, what do we expect. Its reporters are too incompetent to deal with two subjects at a time."


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