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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sign on last night's American Idol showed the wrong "Pickler"

Viewers of last night's American Idol saw a sign in the audience with this picture on it. Most everyone assumed the face in the picture was contestant Kellie Pickler's, but it wasn't. It was newswriter Nedra Pickler, who gained notoriety for bashing John Kerry during his presidential campaign.

Blogger Greg Saunders says that the original pickle sign was a humorous way to protest the media’s continual double standard toward liberals. As he points out, "It would be nice for this to be used to shine a light on the talking points - recycling [Nedra] Pickler and her Republican-boosting colleagues. But since Idol is on Fox, don't hold your breath waiting for Ryan Seacrest to point out the mix-up."



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