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Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush confesses, then lies some more

Bush confessed today that he did, in fact, order the declassification of parts of a prewar intelligence report on Iraq to respond to critics who alleged that he manipulated intelligence to justify the war.

He confessed, and then he lied. "I wanted people to see what some of those statements were based on," he said. "I wanted people to see the truth. I thought it made sense for people to see the truth. That's why I declassified the document."

Okay, so when do we get to see the truth, Mr. Bush? And when are you going to fire the person who leaked the classified information - which was you?


Blogger crallspace said...

When he said that, it was so obviously a lie. The look on his smug face said it all.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Editor at Large said...

Hey Crall,

Yeah, isn't Bush's face revealing? Isn't it amazing how many people STILL believe he's telling them the truth?

1:01 PM  

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