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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great new word: "libidophobes"

In his column in today's NY Times, Nicholas Kristof says, "Unless the libidophobes in the Bush administration mandate chastity belts, their opposition to Plan B, the emergency contraceptive, amounts to a pro-abortion policy."

Libidophobes is a great word for the Bushies because it goes beyond just their fear of homosexuals and addresses their fear of all things sexual.

Like their opposition to Plan B.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another word we like when it comes to the Bushies: patrioticism, meaning, the ironic obedience to a point of view that dissembles the very meaning of patriotism, as would be defined by the historic acts and the model of the Founders.

Relative definition: Colbert's "truthiness."

Love your site, btw.

--Worldwide Pablo

8:48 PM  

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