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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Decider vetoes his first bill

Bush has followed through on his threat and vetoed the bipartisan stem cell funding bill proffered by a two-thirds majority of Congress. Interesting that the bill was both the first useful thing Congress has produced in years AND the first bill Bush has ever vetoed...

August Pollak had this to say about it:

"If you think about it for a moment, there's something much more symbolic about Bush's intent to veto the stem cell bill than just a platitude to the far right.

"Let's look at this objectively: The President has never vetoed a single bill. This is mostly because for the bulk of his presidency he has had a fully cooperative Congress. Despite this, the talking point for the last three election cycles has been "obstructionist Democrats" and "activist judges" and "do-nothing partisan politicians."

"So after six years, we have a bill that defies that. Regardless of your personal views on abortion or stem cells, consider this: the bill has the support of over two-thirds of the country. Both Congress and the Senate came together to debate the bill, negotiate clauses, establish agreements, and work out a compromise package that a wide majority of our elected officials, Democrat and Republican, agree on.

"Basically, the passing of the stem cell bill is as close to any grade-school textbook presentation of how a bill become law. It is, in six years, quite possibly the closest example of an actual Congress actually doing something that actual Americans actually want their elected officials to do.

"This, George W. Bush chooses to oppose."



Blogger exigent said...

ARGH! What a jerk. I took this straight from whitehouse.gov:

"If This Bill Were To Become Law, American Taxpayers Would For The First Time In Our History Be Compelled To Fund The Deliberate Destruction Of Human Embryos. The President has made it clear to Congress he will not allow our Nation to cross this moral line."

I was compelled to help foot the bill to fight two wars that I dont want to be any part of because I feel it is against my moral values. I am 30 years old with two car payments and a mortgage, I dont need my mind made up for me. We put him in office to listen to our collective voice and act on that. Not once, in his entire tenure in office, has he listented to the majority...hell, he wont even listen to his base anymore.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Editor at Large said...

Exigent: So true. Bush has never really listened to anyone, has he - except perhaps Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. But then, he is The Decider.

We love The Initial Caps On Every Word Of That Quote you found...apparently, the words on whitehouse.gov are more important than the lives of all the people stem cell research could have helped...

4:29 PM  
Blogger Ms. Lori said...

Bush is just ensuring the support of his army (the religious right). Also, if Bush can't relate to a situation on a personal level, if it doesn't affect him or his kind directly, then it's unimportant, frivolous, immoral...

I'll bet my left ovary that if, god forbid, one of his kids had a debilitating or deadly disease, that veto stamp would still be pristine.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I think we need to proceed cautiously on human embryo stem cell research; I support the president’s decision to veto a bill that allows the destruction of human embryos. "Human embryos", just saying the word, "Human" puts this issue into perspective. I and many Americans believe that human life, from its earliest stages, deserves our protection and respect. Destruction of human embryos is not the only method to obtain the stem cells needed for this research.

Have a great day!

8:21 AM  
Blogger exigent said...

We dont need to get into an abortion debate. Anyway there are ways to cultivate and grow a large amount of embryo cells from just one donor, and that is exactly what these researchers want to do. With a small sample in a petri dish, those cells can be multiplied several thousand times over if in a suitable environment.

It's not like that south park episode where they rip off retus' heads to get a little bit.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Editor at Large said...

Lori: True, so true, and so very true. While we wouldn't wish such a disease on anyone, we would support just about anything that inspired compassion in Bush (or anyone else!).

Jeff: While we appreciate your perspectives on the issue, we find it difficult to reconcile Bush's record as a capital punisher and warmonger with his purported "respect for life."

Exigent: Thanks for the interesting info on the cultivation of embryo cells. We didn't know that!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Editor: Capital Punishment is legal and supported by millions and so is defending America and it's allies from Tyrants. Stem Cell research is not dead from this veto, everyone acts like this veto killed all hopes. Get a grip people!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Editor at Large said...

Jeff: So, because capital punishment is "legal" (in some states) and "supported by millions," it must be all right? Is everything that's legal and supported by millions all right with you? In every country, or just this one?

You (and Bush) obviously disdain the "killing" of innocent humans (fetuses), so how can you (and Bush) support the inevitable killing of innocent convicts, the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq, or even the killing of "innocent" soldiers engaged in an illegal, unnecessary, and futile war? It just seems kind of hypocritical to us. Please help us understand.

You are correct that Bush's veto did not kill stem cell research; it just killed a potentially useful bill presented by a notoriously frivolous Congress.

Oh, and stem cell research is also supported by millions - two-thirds of Americans, in fact.

8:59 AM  

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