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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What McCain said to Levi Johnston

In case you don't know him by name yet, Levi Johnston is the designated father of Bristol Palin's baby. Who is Bristol Palin? She's Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter. Who is Sarah Palin? She's John McCain's running mate (see my previous post, "What's wrong with Sarah Palin?").

McCain was there to greet Levi and Bristol when they arrived in St. Paul, Minnesota, today. Why are they in St. Paul? Because Mrs. Palin is giving her big "Who am I?" speech tonight, and apparently her kids and their sex partners need to be there to help show us who Mrs. Palin is.

Anyway, in this photo McCain is saying something, rather emphatically, to Ms. Palin's sex partner - er, Mr. Johnston. What do you think he's saying?

"Don't worry, Levi, when I'm president I'll hire you both as interns."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Richard Barrett

Levi Johnston, the foul-mouthed, eighteen-year-old Alaskan, whose
"relationship" with Bristol Palin, the seventeen-year-old daughter
of Sarah Palin, the choice of John McCain for the Republican
vice-presidential nomination, claims to be a "(deleted) redneck." He
is not. The claim by Levi, on his since-removed "Myspace" webpage,
stated that the hockey-player, with shaggy hair, wispy beard
and necklace, originally kept confidential until revealed by
investigative-reporters, was in a "relationship," but did not desire
children. Palin, who is married to an Eskimo and has had a
genetically-defective child, later said that Levi would marry
Bristol, who was five-months pregnant with Levi's child. Levi, who
declined comment, did not confirm any marriage-plans, however.

A "redneck" is a white person, who works long hours in the sun
and who acquires a "red neck," as a result. The most extant and
homogeneous white-populace is indigenous to the Southern United
States, which also has the hottest, most-tropical climate, so
"redneck" is, usually, associated with the South. Insofar as the
former-Confederacy has the largest-percentage per-capita of
descendants of African-slaves, "rednecks" are, also, known as
staunch-segregationists, who have generated "Jim Crow," "Black Codes"
and "white-flight," in order to prevent "black-power" from overtaking
not only their region, but the entire nation. The Solid-South, termed
the Bible-Belt for its strong Christian-traditions, has the most
churches, per-capita, and is regarded as highly moral-oriented.

Jon Hinson, a GOP-Congressman, caught in homosexuality, and
Jimmy Swaggert, a televangelist patronizing prostitutes, both with
"redneck" roots, tearfully apologized, in reliance on the Southern
and Scriptural dictum of "go and sin no more." Levi, on the other
hand, has offered no such "apology" or "repentance." "Rednecks,"
invariably, combine morality, politics and religion, in what some
have called a "social-conservative" agenda. After the Civil War,
they became vigilantes, sometimes called "nightriders," uprooting
Scalawags, native-Southerners who were in cahoots with Negroes, and
Carpetbaggers, Northern-occupiers who attempted to force integration.
They continue to operate under the Cross and glory in their
militancy. Levi has shown no such traits.

"Redneck" need not be necessarily confined to any geographic-area.
A "redneck" may be seen, driving a pick-up truck in Mississippi, flying
a Confederate-flag, with a bumper-sticker, "Segregation, Hell, I'm
for Slavery", just as much as a youth in chilly Latvia, waving a
Confederate-flag to call for the overthrow of Communism, or a
South-Boston Irishman, festooning a Shamrock and demanding an
end to forced-bussing. But, wherever they may be, "rednecks" share a
common-bond. They are "have-nots," who describe themselves as "poor,
but proud." Purity of blood is uppermost to them and miscegenation is
tantamount to a capital-offense. Those who fornicate or, even,
fraternize, across racial-lines, have been subjected to protests,
ostracism and, even, lynchings by "rednecks."

"Rednecks" couple with their own kind, excluding not only Negroes,
but Asiatics, Indians and Hispanics. So, Levi disqualified himself by
copulating with an Eskimo. "Rednecks," also, insist on "purity" of
blood, which would instantly reject sexual-relations with someone
with the congenitally-diseased, "red-man" genes of the Palins.
Communist websites continually mock "rednecks" for what they term
being "inbred," as part of their appeal to integrate and "blend" all
colors, blood and nations. "Rednecks" are prolific. They make up for
fewer material-goods with more bountiful families, according to the
Scriptural-admonition to "be fruitful and multiply." Levi's
declaration that he desired no children fits more into some
"hippy" or "new-age" genre, than the "redneck" mode.

"Rednecks," being close to the soil, Jeffery White calls them
"country-boys," have established strong bonds and notions
about the worth-ethic. They are quick to renounce "loafers" and
"welfare-types," using Negroes and Indians as examples of their
disdain. They were called "New Dealers," then "Wallace-Democrats,"
then "Reagan-Democrats," coming down on the side of strong and
nurturing government and against the haughty, greedy and elitist.
Unlike Levi, given the choice of mingling with folks living in
trailers or meandering through estates of some big-shots,
"rednecks" would feel more "at home" with the trailers. The man as
head-of-the-home is non-negotiable with them, which is why the
overwhelming vote against the Equal Rights Amendment emanated
from the South.

Privation and oppression have stalked "rednecks," but not Levi.
"Rednecks" speak up, in behalf of "social-justice" in the workplace,
but equally demand social-discipline in the home. They paddle a
wayward child, the same as some unworthy public-figure. When, in
Jackson, Mississippi, the preachers at the Crossgates Baptist Church,
First Baptist Church and Griffith Memorial Methodist Church were
nabbed having improper sexual-relationships, the "rednecks" quickly
ousted them. There was no "praise" heaped upon them. No assertion
that the goings-on were "private." "Rednecks" may be tolerant of
drinking, cussing, carousing and, even, running afoul of the law, but
Levi's Eskimo-escapade has prompted only, "I never knew you, depart
from me, ye that work iniquity."


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Not necessarily Skinlist views
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Blogger Editor at Large said...

Anonymous: Wow, I never knew. So "Skinheadz" are also rednecks?

11:02 AM  

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