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Friday, October 03, 2008

The void behind Sarah Palin's facade

That wasn't a debate; it was a regurgitation. A binge followed by a purge.

Sarah Palin was very well coached and very well rehearsed, and she did an admirable job of remembering and reciting most of her campaign's talking points - all while smiling and winking and being cute, you betcha.

But was she vice presidential?

No, she was Sarah Palin - a walking, talking, beauty-pageant Barbie, programmed by men to play men's games, fulfill men's fantasies, and embody men's perverse, paranoid, patriarchal, misogynistic worldview. She is still that 20-year-old beauty-pageant contestant in a swimsuit, strutting self-assuredly across the stage, turning this way and that to let the salivating boys and wide-eyed girls gaze at her breasts, her hips, her butt, her legs.

Men who say they like her mean they like fantasizing about having sex with her.

Women who say they like her don't understand who she really is or what she really represents.

I hope they figure it out before November 4th.

Meanwhile, here's an inside peek at the void behind Sarah Palin's facade.


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