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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yet another awkward McCain moment

John McCain just can't seem to get his brain in sync with reality. How is it that 44% of Americans still think this senile old shell would make a good president? Did they not hear McCain call them "My fellow prisoners"? Do they not notice the anger in his eyes, his voice, his gestures? Do they not see his face twitch every time he lies to them?

Senator McCain, since your supporters won't tell you, I guess I'll have to: It's over. Not even Joe the Plumber can unclog your pipes--especially when he doesn't bother to show up at your rallies. That has to be embarrassing. Take my advice and save yourself any further embarrassment...concede the election and check into a nursing home. With your millions, you should be able to afford the best in PTSD therapy and dementia treatment.


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