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Friday, October 17, 2008

How McCain's own typos derailed his Straight Talk Express

An astute observation from political commentator Erin Wenz:
You know how you sometimes go to type an e-mail and you accidentally shift the position of your fingers to the right or left by one set of keys? You intend to type "Now is the time," and it comes out "Mpeod yjr yo,r"?  

That's the whole McCain campaign - their fingers are on the wrong keys. They get an evangelist on the ticket to fire up the base, and it turns out she's ethically challenged, has an unmarried pregnant daughter whose boyfriend is basically a thug, and she doesn't know Siberia from Serbia. 

McCain parachutes into Washington to rescue the country's economy and ends up doing nothing but having dinner at the Liebermans'. They make an issue of Bill Ayers, and they go down in the polls.  

And finally, this thing with Joe the Plumber is too funny. They try to connect with the Common Man, and expose the poor doofus for plumbing without a license!

I wish we could have the election tomorrow and put McCain out of his misery.

...and put the rest of us out of our misery, too!


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