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Monday, October 06, 2008

The truth about Obama's record

John McCain and Sarah Palin often ridicule Barack Obama's past experience as a community organizer, as if volunteering one's time to help improve one's community is a laughable waste of time. They also scoff at Obama's brief tenure as a senator, implying that he hasn't been in the job long enough to accomplish anything of value.

The truth is, in three short years as a senator, Barack Obama has:
• sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills
• sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become law
• introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate

Most of his legislative efforts have been in the areas of:
• energy efficiency and climate change (25 bills)
• health care (21 bills) and public health (20 bills)
• consumer protection/labor (14 bills)
• the needs of veterans and the armed forces (13 bills)
• Congressional ethics and accountability (12 bills)
• foreign policy (10 bills)
• voting and elections (9 bills)
• education (7 bills)
• Hurricane Katrina relief (6 bills)
• the environment (5 bills)
• homeland security (4 bills)
• discrimination (4 bills)

Also, just to dispel rumors to the contrary (promulgated by Mr. and Ms. "Country First"), Obama will not raise your taxes, unless you make more than $250,000 a year. If you make between $150,000 and $250,000, your taxes will stay the same; if you make less than $150,000, your taxes will decrease.

So...what is Sarah Palin winking about?


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