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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How Sinclair rewards integrity

They fire you.

According to today's Washington Post, Jon Lieberman, the Washington bureau chief and lead political reporter of Sinclair Broadcast Group, was fired yesterday after accusing the company of "indefensible" conduct for planning to air a movie attacking John Kerry's Vietnam record.

Leiberman told CNN last night that he was terminated for his criticism, which was quoted in yesterday's Baltimore Sun. He said he had spoken out because "I feel so strongly that our credibility is at issue here.... I feel our company is trying to sway this election."

Leiberman acknowledged that he was violating Sinclair policy by giving an unauthorized interview, but "I knew I had nothing to gain by doing it and everything to lose," he said. "I need to be able to sleep at night."

How do Sinclair's owners sleep at night?



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