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Friday, April 15, 2005

Frist calls Democrats "Godless communists"

Well, not really, but he's getting pretty close. He plans to participate in an evangelical telecast this Sunday that will portray Democrats as "against people of faith" because they have blocked or are planning to block a few of Bush's judicial nominees.

Fliers for the telecast, organized by the Family Research Council and originating at a Kentucky megachurch the evening of April 24, call the day "Justice Sunday" and depict a young man holding a Bible in one hand and a gavel in the other. Under the heading "the filibuster against people of faith," it reads: "The filibuster was once abused to protect racial bias, and it is now being used against people of faith."

Wait, there's more (if you can stomach it): Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and organizer of the telecast, wrote in a message on the group's Web site, "As the liberal, anti-Christian dogma of the left has been repudiated in almost every recent election, the courts have become the last great bastion for liberalism. For years activist courts, aided by liberal interest groups like the A.C.L.U., have been quietly working under the veil of the judiciary, like thieves in the night, to rob us of our Christian heritage and our religious freedoms."

Anti-Christian dogma of the left? The veil of the judiciary? Thieves in the night? Throbbing members? Oh, sorry - he didn't say that. It's just that his prose is so...Harlequin.

Democrats, thankfully, are not turning the other cheek(s). Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-New York) said, "No party has a monopoly on faith, and for Senator Frist to participate in this kind of telecast just throws more oil on the partisan flames." (We think he means "fuel on the partisan fire," but you get the gist.)



Anonymous rob said...

Godless communists scare me less than democrats running around trying to be holier than the Republicans the same way they ran around trying to best them at warmongering.

The democrats are doing what traditionally the conservatives have been best at - knee-jerk responses, rather than proactive agenda creation. I blame Clinton for co-opting every idea the middle right ever came up with until the center became the middle right. Hurrah for free trade!

2:47 PM  
Blogger activist kaza said...

For those who missed it, last Sunday's This Week with George S. was a doozy. Amongst his memorable quotes that day (another recounted at: www.kazablog.com), Rev. Pat Robertson was caught out by George, basically insinuating that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Communist sympathizer because she used to be the chief legal counsel to the ACLU and it was founded by (in Pat's words) pro-Communist sympathizers! Given this blog, you can understand my confusion when Pat dismissed Bill Frist's chances of becoming President in 2008. He is breaking the reciprocity rule for politicians pandering to the religious right!

10:16 AM  

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