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Monday, September 26, 2005

Another incompetent hack resigns

This time, it's the head of the FDA, Dr. Lester M. Crawford. That's Dr. as in VETERINARIAN.

Why was a VETERINARIAN put in charge of an agency designed to protect human health? And why is Bush so fond of appointing animal afficionados (e.g., Brownie) to positions that require human expertise? Maybe Laura Bush wasn't kidding when she told that joke about George trying to milk a male horse...

Rumors of an extramarital affair and inappropriate financial dealings aside, Dr. Crawford has also been accused of politicizing and degrading the FDA and of being a "tepid and passive" leader. The New England Journal of Medicine said that "recent actions of the F.D.A. leadership have made a mockery of the process of evaluating scientific evidence," disillusioned many scientists, "squandered the public trust and tarnished the agency's image."

Mockery...disillusioned...squandered...tarnished...those words seem to be showing up a lot lately in reports about the Bush administration...



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