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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush is all-powerful and can do what he damn well pleases

At least, that's what the Cheney and Rumsfeld camps believe, according to Lawrence Wilkerson, former aide to Colin Powell. Here are some of Wilkerson's other revelations:
• President Bush was "too aloof, too distant from the details" of postwar planning
• Underlings exploited Bush's detachment and made poor decisions
• Cheney and Rumsfeld must have sincerely believed that Iraq could be a spawning ground for new terror assaults, because "otherwise I have to declare him a moron, an idiot, or a nefarious bastard"
• Colin Powell raised frequent and loud objections to Rumsfeld's war planning, once yelling into a telephone at Rumsfeld: "Donald, don't you understand what you are doing to our image?"
• Powell believes "the president failed to discipline the [Iraq war] process the way he should have and...is ultimately responsible for this whole mess"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has done just as he pleases. All Americans need to take notice how disconnected OUR govenment is from us. Few people in America really understand what Bush is trying to accomplish. Few people understand how his inability to accomplish his goal is going to be our country's saddest hour and achilles tendon.

11:40 AM  

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