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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The EPA wants to allow pesticide testing on orphaned, handicapped, and abused children

Unspeakable atrocities are becoming mainstream. Now, in addition to the Bush administration's condoning of torture and using white phosphorous on Iraqis, the Environmental "Protection" Agency is seeking permission to allow chemical and pesticide testing on helpless children.

Earlier this year, Congress mandated that the EPA create a rule that permanently bans chemical testing on pregnant women and children. The EPA, however, has proposed new regulations that allow for government and industry scientists to conduct chemical experiments on orphaned, handicapped, and abused or neglected children.

Here's the exact language from the EPA's proposed regulations:

1. 70 FR 53865 26.408(a) "The IRB (Independent Review Board) shall determine that adequate provisions are made for soliciting the assent of the children, when in the judgment of the IRB the children are capable of providing assent...If the IRB determines that the capability of some or all of the children is so limited that they cannot reasonably be consulted, the assent of the children is not a necessary condition for proceeding with the research. Even where the IRB determines that the subjects are capable of assenting, the IRB may still waive the assent requirement..."

2. 70 FR 53865 26.408(c) "If the IRB determines that a research protocol is designed for conditions or for a subject population for which parental or guardian permission is not a reasonable requirement to protect the subjects (for example, neglected or abused children), it may waive the consent requirements..."

3. 70 FR 53864 26.401 (a)(2) "To What Do These Regulations Apply? It also includes research conducted or supported by EPA outside the United States, but in appropriate circumstances, the Administrator may, under ยง 26.101(e), waive the applicability of some or all of the requirements of these regulations for research..."

In other words:

1. Children who "cannot be reasonably consulted," such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns. With permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual, the child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research.
2. Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.
3. Chemical studies on any children outside of the U.S. are acceptable.

Learn more and take action now: http://www.organicconsumers.org/epa6.cfm


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