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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pastor refuses to conduct heterosexual weddings

In fact, he refuses to conduct any weddings at all, until laws against same-sex marriage are lifted. David Ensign, pastor at Clarendon Presbyterian Church in Virginia, says, "What we're saying is that in the commonwealth of Virginia, the laws that govern marriage are unjust and unequal." So he and the church's governing council decided that they will no longer have any weddings, and Ensign will renounce his state authority to marry couples.

How do conservatives feel about Ensign's protest? Virginia State Senator Nick Rerras, a Republican, said, "I think it's a shame that this clergyman would seek to undermine traditional marriage, which is the foundation of American society. It's a terrible message to send to our youth."

"Undermine traditional marriage"? "The foundation of American society"? Talk about terrible messages to send to our youth! If traditional marriage, which has done a dandy job of undermining itself, is the foundation of American society, then American society could use a new foundation.



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