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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who's your daddy? Find out - with this home DNA test kit!

That's right - with this new home DNA test kit and $325, you can find out who your daddy really is. Or, if you're the alleged father, you can find out if it's really you. Or, if you're the mother (never alleged), you can find out which of your boyfriends to hit up for child support. And maybe get back your $325, too.

But first, make sure you read the fine print at the bottom of the ad: "Paternity results will indicate paternity with a probability of 99% or greater."

Ninety-nine percent or greater? That means 1 in 100 results may be wrong...which means 1 in 100 alleged fathers may be just that - alleged. Which means that a lot of alleged fathers will be helping to raise - or pay for - children that aren't really theirs.

But according to recent news reports, that's already the case. Some researchers say that up to 25 percent of alleged fathers aren't the father at all. The children they are raising - or paying for - are the alleged progeny of alleged nonprogenitors.

So will these new DNA test kits help remedy or further exacerbate the situation? With a 1 percent margin of error, does that mean the percentage of alleged fathers will rise or fall?

We'll leave that one to the statisticians, but one thing is certain: there are going to be a lot of alleged fathers out there who suspect that their DNA test result was that 1 in 100...


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