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Monday, May 15, 2006

Karl Rove is an a**hole

In an address today to the American Enterprise Institute, Karl Rove said, "People like this president. They're just sour right now on the war." Uh huh. The war, the economy, gas prices, the incredible incompetence, the rampant corruption, the cronyism, the complete and utter disregard for anyone but the wealthy...yep, other than these few nitpicky things that we're "sour" on, we like this president just fine!

Here are a few of Rove's other fantasy-based zingers:

"The reality is, the tax cuts have helped make the U.S. economy the strongest in the world."

"...consumer confidence is relatively high. In fact, it is much higher than the average of the last 40 years. Their personal circumstances are good. They're feeling good about where they are. They don't like gas prices. Who likes having to pay more at the pump? But they do feel that overall the economy is good for them, that the prospects for their family in the near term and for the future are good."

"They're worried about the long haul. They've heard about the problems with Social Security. They're worried about globalization. But they're confident about where they are right now and where they find themselves."

"I love this mania which has swept through American media today which substitutes polls for coverage of substance. There's, I'm sure, going to be a special Betty Ford addiction for those that are addicted to regular poll numbers, but you'll work your way through it."

Despite Bush's low approval ratings, Rove is "sanguine...I know our own polls."

He said that Bush's likeability, his personal approval ratings, were in the 60s in some polls, but that "Job approval is lower. And what that says to me is that people like him, they respect him, he's somebody they feel a connection with, but they're just sour right now on the war. And that's the way it's going to be."

Obviously, Rove is speaking not from Earth but from Planet Rove--which is approximately the shape and size of a very ugly, very smelly sphincter.



Blogger crallspace said...

Yeah... ain't he a pig?

I can't stand him or his little Texan puppet.

So...the story behind our Tippy is that the name just seemed to fit. She is a pointy little dog who just seems to have overwhelming traingular shapes. Let's let the Tippys meet... whad'ya say?

I live in the NE section of town... and Tippy likes walks in the woods with other dogs.

If interested, send me an email at oregonprogressive-at-yahoo.com.

2:35 PM  

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