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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Conservative" Bush calls for conservation, blames "storms"

The temperature in hell must be dropping again...our self-described "conservative" president - the same one who squandered a trillion-dollar surplus, plunged the country into unprecedented debt by cutting taxes for the rich, and misled us into a $200 billion war that has cost thousands of lives - is actually asking Americans to conserve gas.

"We can all pitch in," Bush said. "People just need to recognize that the storms have caused disruption."

The storms have caused disruption? We would have been in much better condition to handle the storms if your corporate cronyism and your unnecessary, illegal, futile war hadn't caused such a disruption to our economy and national security, Mr. Bush. Thanks to you, Americans are now more vulnerable and insecure than at any time in history. But it isn't because of the storms. We can handle storms just fine - or at least we could if you would get out of our way. What we can't handle is your heartless, thoughtless "conservatism," which conserves nothing but your own financial wealth and that of your pals.

That's right, Mr. Bush: The real disruption is your own corruption. Act like a true conservative for a change and save your putrid breath.



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