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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The bright side to xenophobic genocide

In response to Bush's endless prattling about how great things are in Iraq, or how great they're going to be, or how great they would be if the damn media would just stop reporting the facts, Will Durst compiled a list of the good things coming out of Iraq:

• Baghdad University fraternity expulsions way down.
• Six billion a month we won’t be wasting on pork barrel politics.
• Advances in battlefield medical procedures destined to benefit all of mankind.
• Due to their renewed dedication to killing each other, the Sunnis and Shiites seem much less interested in targeting Americans these days.
• VFW membership rolls are a bull market.
• Grisly footage of dead in Iraq diverting attention from that whole Jack Abramoff thing.
• Every single car bomb explosion means another opportunity for Detroit fleet sales.
• Where tomorrow’s stars of the Cadaver Dog World get first class training today.
• Senseless secular violence has obviously intensified the hold of the truce in Northern Ireland.
• There’s a Burning Man Festival every day of the week.
• When you’re thinking organ donor heaven, we’re talking Iraq.
• Hey, it could be worse. There could be leeches.
• And the final piece of good news coming out of the Iraq…spring has sprung.



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