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Thursday, September 29, 2005

DeLay exercises his right to incriminate himself

Tom Delay should appear on the TV show "America's Dumbest Criminals." The following quotes were taken verbatim from his interview last night on Fox News. If this is his defense, he's in serious trouble.

"I have had ethics charges filed starting in 1993."
"Again in 1995."
"A racketeering suit right after that."
"Some more ethics charges right after that."
"This has been going on for two years, multiple grand juries, and then they come out with an indictment."
"[The grand jury] asked me to come in. ... Basically what I showed them was, yes, it was my idea to set up this political action committee."
"It was my idea to set up TRMPAC."
"I got it all organized."
"I and four other elected officials were on an advisory board [of TRMPAC]."
"I went to five fundraisers."
"They did use my name to raise money."
"They told me about it later, and then they would tell me things are going well."
"Jim Ellis...also runs my ARMPAC."
"Jim Ellis would let me know how things were going because was interested in how things are going and how much money they were raising."
"The point here is is Texas deserved a Republican House of Representatives. The way you got change that was to take the majority in the Texas House, and that was my goal. It was successful."
"Ronnie Earle let my lawyers know last week that I was going to be indicted."
"I have hired Dick DeGuerin, who is my lawyer, who is the same lawyer that taught Ronnie Earle a lesson."

DeLay should have pleaded the fifth...and then drunk one.



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